The Best Survival Server for 1.15

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Architech Is a top of the line survival server with 64GB of ram unlimited disc space and bandwidth.

Minecraft Lake
Minecraft Church

Come Build Something Great


Overpowered Enchantments !

Surpass the game's limit on enchantments and obtain enchantments up to level X (10) !

Custom Enchantments!

Completely new enchantments added in game obtainable through an enchantment table or our server shop!



Server with everything

Since opening in 2020, we have made a server that has everything. Our commitment to a smooth running server, exceptional playing experience, and incomparable player care keeps our community coming back again and again.

We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our player base. With 200 player slots bring your friends and get in and have some fun.



Architech is committed to having a smooth and fun playing experience. If you encounter any hackers, or people using xray, or just generally annoying people, feel free to contact the staff.


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